What Makes Snapdri

Our vision is simple. To inspire and empower people by creating a global community of fellow travellers and athletes. This is why Snapdri is more than just a brand, it's about you. 

Our journey began with our towels. They're compact enough to roll up into a small bag, yet large enough to be extremely effective. So whether you're just wiping away the sweat from that rewarding hike or hopping out of a lake, Snapdri's ultra absorbent technology takes care of the rest. 

Carefully handpicked materials led to our fabric of choice: premium microfiber. It is perfect because not only does it translate to a lightweight towel, but it is super soft on the skin. This means that you don't have to stress about a towel weighing you down.  Snapdri towels also dry up to 50% faster than a traditional towel, so you can forget about the days you had to carry a wet one around with you. 

Today, Snapdri is more than just towels. It's about providing quality and convenience to all the adventure seekers. 

What is your passion? What do you live for? Show us by taking Snapdri on your journey with you. 

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